Thursday, September 12, 2013

Domo Asian Diner & Sushi Bar

Hello friends!

My boyfriend was nice enough to take me to Domo in Brookside. More specific info and links will be posted below.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Best sushi and Japanese cuisine in recent memory.
Price: $$-$$$ (Just depends.)
Service: Slow (Worth the wait, though.)
Overall: A

So, it's my birthday and I get to go wherever I want. I haven't had good sushi in a quite a while because I spent the last summer interning in a tiny town where their idea of sushi is imitation crab at the grocery store, so it seemed like an obvious choice. When we arrived there were a couple other groups who appeared to have just been seated. We were seated immediately. The staff was prompt in taking our orders. The girls there are very, very nice. There are wrap around booths, quaint semi-private two seat tables and patio seating. The atmosphere was asian, which was to be expected. Soothing colors, bamboo and that. It just reads as very calm and very quaint. A place to slow down and enjoy your company. That is something I appreciate.
However, no one there moves with any particular sense of urgency, and for the first half of the time we were there, only one chef was behind the bar preparing food for at least a dozen people who all came in within twenty minutes of eachother. If you want to go here - and trust me you do - set aside an appropriate amount of time. For a full meal, let's call it two hours.

So let's talk about the menu. I am in LOVE with their menu. They have plenty of newbie friendly food - teriyaki,tempura, etc. - selections as well as and impressive array of traditional Japanese items like jelly fish and octopus. The sushi menu is fairly extensive and includes specials, sashimi, sushi, specialty rolls. Plenty to choose from. Evaluating pricing is difficult with sushi because the norm is to get a bunch and share. It honestly just depends on how many rolls you want to eat. In my experience, though, Domo's prices are extremely reasonable.

A few things were less than ideal. The salad isn't worth your time even though the ginger dressing is delicious. Skip it in favor of the edamame or miso soup or be a little more adventurous and try something you've never seen on a plate before - you may be surprised how much you actually like jellyfish. The soda was flat. That isn't really anyone's fault unless they know how to recalibrate the machine, but play it safe and traditional and get the green tea. I read reviews pretty intently before deciding to go to Domo. There was a consistent stream of complaints about slow service, so I was prepared for this. I want you to be too. If you are absolutely starving when you walk in, immediately order an EASY appetizer. Nothing that requires frying or roasting or what not. Avoiding grumpy tummy is a must if you are to enjoy the wonderful prize at the end.

Speaking of wonderful, their sushi! Holy bath mats, Batman! Really folks, I have eaten a lot of sushi in my day. Some even call me a sushi snob. Believe you me, Domo's sushi is well portioned, carefully crafted and mindfully balanced. The filling to rice ratio is ideal. The amount of sauce on rolls that require it is generous without being over-whelming. If I'm not mistaken they even use real wasabi. (Most places you've been use horseradish that is dyed green. Not the same.) My boyfriend and I got four rolls between use and were VERY satisfied. I can not give them enough praise. Just exquisite. 100% approved for boy/girlfriends, parents and clients.

Since I've got you here I want to share with you a few things I do when eating sushi. Tricks of the trade, if you will. First, I always try to diversify what kinds of fish I'm getting in my roll. If I'm with someone new, I always get one that is crab-based and leave for them, just in case the rest is a little to exotic. It's just polite. Second, I like to dip my rolls in soy and wasabi. I create a very thin soy/wasabi paste in my dish and dip my sushi in that. It is efficient and adjustable. Third, the pickled ginger is there for a reason! Its intent is to cleanse your pallet between rolls. Some rolls have intensely different flavors, and you don't want one overpowering the other, right? Some people think the ginger tastes like cleaning fluid. Their wrong, but if you are one of these wrong people, use green tea or sprite to freshen the senses between rolls. Fourth, if you are with someone who is not so handy with chopsticks, take the pressure off and use your fingers. Sushi was originally a finger food anyway. You're just sticking with tradition!

Thank for reading!
If you go, promise me you'll comment about your experience, okay?


Domo Asian Diner & Sushi Bar
6322 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64113
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